...Emma Khodorovskaya Medvedev
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Emma Khodorovskaya Medvedev
Emma had her first music lesson at the age of seven. And she immediately fell in love with the magic of harmonious sounds.  At 17 she began her work teaching music to small children. At the same time she kept studying herself, enrolled to the Conservatorium in the City of Baku, where she was born. She studied there not just performing arts and teaching profession but the theory of music and solfeggio, the whole range of relevant disciplines.

Emma believes that with understanding of music one could understand on a deeper level many life processes and experience them with better acceptance and happiness.

Presently Emma lives with her husband in a beautiful suburb of outer Melbourne, close to the ocean. She continues her work as a piano teacher and shares her time between her work, her spiritual consoling and her family that include her two daughters and three grandchildren.
Emma Khodorovskaya Medvedev
Emma With Students
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