So what is Nature that surrounds us? It is the female part of the existence that makes life possible that makes matter possible. The main characteristic of Nature is balance, proportion and it was not easy to achieve. We will refer to Nature as a living creature. She is alive, She gives life to everybody - it is not accidental that we call her Mother Nature, Mother that feeds you and has been carrying this title for millions of years on Earth.

What has made it possible for her to survive all these years and, though a bit withered, still preserving her magnificent beauty?
The answer is - Love brought into being by the Creator and Her. Having created Love she has been cherishing it all these millions of years and giving it to you as a gift and still her strength and beauty has not diminished.

Nature - is the manifestation of Love and the eternity of this phenomenon and as you are children of Nature, you are part of it.  True love must be the predominant feeling - Love above all. Love everything that is around you, don't hide Love inside you, give it way, give its warmth to everyone, who needs it.
...Emma Khodorovskaya Medvedev
Emma Khodorovskaya Medvedev
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What surrounds you!  The answer is - the manifestation of love.  It has been given to you generously. You did not ask for it. Certainly the human race created a lot. They have been building, erecting edifices, extolling, praising and composing music. But the best of their creations and achievements, especially in art and architecture, have been the result of the inspiration by Nature that surrounds you.

What is Nature - which is so grandiose, monumental, regal, tender, caring and comforting? Nature - any explanation as definition can be the right description. Nature is life that you behold. Even if you do not see her from the first glance, she is definitely there. It is in every facet of our surroundings - inside and beyond, seen and unseen.

Sometimes you are surrounded by something that looks big and significant, sometimes by tiny things that are still, wonderful and awesome.  So beautiful indeed that your breath is taken away, words fail you.

Nature is the main inspiration and source of life. Nature appeals to you and creates your emotions of joy, tenderness, smile, laughter - on a sunny day you feel like smiling, giving your face to the sun. On a windy day you feel like laughing playing hide and see with the wind. On a rainy day you frown at the bad weather and you wish to stay inside where you can be warm and cosy. On cold gloomy days you are in a bad mood, you don't feel like smiling. All these examples prove the influential power that Nature extends to human beings.
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