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Emma Khodorovskaya Medvedev
I am a Director of the Feel Good Studio in Canberra, and I am lucky to know Emma in person. But here I just want to say about the effect of her music on my clients. I have used Emma's CDs repeatedly for the last three years. Her music creates immediately a sense of relaxation, well-being and harmony, and even happiness. I have heard it many times from my clients who do remedial exercise with Emma’s music in the background. For me personally I can feel her music reaching so deep into my body that it would be fair to say I feel its vibration on a cellular level. Thank you, Emma, for your spiritual gift. Natasha Lukin - 20 February 2012.

Natasha Lukin, Bsc, ESSA - SHAPEMASTER Feel Good Studio CANBERRA
Director                           Ph: 02 62476267, website: www.shapemastercanberra.com.au
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